Hey guys!

So I’d like to start off this year with a follow forever to tell you guys just how grateful I am to know you, and to remind you that you’re all amazing.

I’ve probably never talked to most of you (because of my fear you see) but your blogs are just way too flawless to ignore.

To those who are my closest friends (you know who you are), I hate you all. Lol no just kidding I love you guys with all my heart.

I hope all of you continue to bring joy to my dash.

Most importantly, I’d like to thank my followers for sticking with me through the many fandoms I have been through and putting up with my random, annoying posts. You are all very important to me and I’d just like you to know that. I hope you all have a wonderful year ahead of you because you guys truly deserve it.

(P.S. Sorry if I forgot anyone)

Fambam: (you guys should be honored) ((hover for a special message))

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omg thankyou slu+! i have not been on this blog in so long and I remember all our little chats! ohhh i miss you xxxxxxx (ps sorry it took so long to reply and happy new year even though its like easter now!)

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yesterday’s desk

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Next solo exhibition in Madrid. by Carla Fernández Andrade

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(4) New Messages

When I first started talking to john every morning he’d send me a picture of the sun rising in the morning or when he would go on road trips he’d send me a picture of the sunset and these are some of the pictures he sent.

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Linus Lohoff - Blue Blues

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What do you mean I have high expectations of men? I only demand that my mate be a charismatic God-touched prophet with a mind mapped out in scientific theorem and quantum physics, a soul crafted from the electric ether of poets and revolutionaries, fabulous hair, and the sexual appetites of a black-hearted dictator.


I fear not knowing who I am.”

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